Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre

Reading Series

Theatre aficionados: Join us for an intimate staged reading of two brilliant Canadian plays. Admission by donation. Cash bar. Follow us online for dates and venues.

Hollywood Road

New play by Jeremy Webb

Hollywood comes to Nova Scotia
Ava Copburn a Hollywood star, finds herself in the middle of a tabloid frenzy about a sordid tale of her on-set romance and a drug bust. Copburn’s management team have packed the star off to rural Nova Scotia until the heat in L.A. dies down. English teacher Joseph Milton is summoned to assist the movie star immerse herself in her role, learn her lines, and perfect a dialect. Caught in the behind-the-scenes, larger-than-life drama, Milton becomes a reluctant pawn in the head-games that they play.

The Goodnight Bird

by Governor General Award Winner Colleen Murphy

A surprising love story for adults.
Almost retired couple Lilly and Morgan are getting ready for bed one night, accompanied by their habit of routine bickering, when suddenly they hear a THUMP. A homeless man has jumped from their roof, and landed on the balcony of their condo. What follows leads Lilly and Morgan to examine their relationship and the hidden truths that desperately need to be spoken.

Warning: Coarse language and sexual content.

“The Goodnight Bird is eccentrically appealing…Murphy’s script is about the disappointments and griefs of getting old—and about the desperate, perhaps foolhardy, desire to turn things around while there’s still time. I should also tell you that The Goodnight Bird is funny.”

– The Georgia Straight