“One of the Top 5 summer theatres in Canada!”

– The Ottawa Citizen

“The 228-seat theatre has a rare kind of warmth to counter-balance its pleasantly cool (air conditioned) interior. It’s the warmth of intimacy…This performance space is as cozy as a ceilidh in the kitchen.”

– The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“Call Festival Antigonish the little festival that could…Today some of the Maritime’s best talent is attracted to their summer stage.”

– The Daily News

2014 Productions

Be My Baby

“PBS fans take note. Festival Antigonish’s production of Be My Baby is appointment viewing.”

“Has a very British feel…he humour is dry and low-key, based often in wordplay.”

“Genevieve Steele steals every scene she’s in, and David Rosetti is a riot…”

“A nice choice for a play in a town brimming with Scottish heritage.”
– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

The Motor Trade

“Marvellous…masterful…amusing & poignant…fast-paced…”

“David Rossetti delivers a marvellous portrait of a dislikable character in Norm Foster’s The Motor Trade….He’s
almost too real in this masterful performance..”

“Jeff Schwager’s Dan is the perfect foil for Rossetti’s star turn as Phil.”

“Excellent set adds to the gritty reality of Dan and Phil’s world.”

– Elissa Barnard, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Venus in Fur

“I’m so delighted that it’s an A-1 production.”

“David Ives is a master wordsmith with a big brain, a wicked funny bone and lasersharp insight into what makes society tick”

“Geneviève Steele gives a tour de force performance!”

“Jeff Schwager hold his own as the misogynistic, smitten playwright Thomas and he sizzles as Kushemski, the masochistic nobleman”

“The twists and turns in this play are expertly navigated through Ed Thomason’s fine direction.”

– Kate Watson, The Coast

2013 Productions

Run for Your Wife

“This farce gets frantically funny soon after it starts and stays at fever pitch.”

“Run to Run For Your Wife…drew belly laughs and a standing ovation on opening night!”

“This is a comic match made in heaven…chemistry recalls Tony Randall and Jack Klugman in TV’s The Odd Couple.”

– Elissa Barnard, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Rope’s End

“Gammie wins over the audience…Steele shines as the object of his affection.”

“Bitter, sweet & witty.”

– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Criminal Genius

Criminal Genius keeps you guessing…an explosive ending!”

“Trailer Park Boys meets The Sopranos!”

“Performances were all top-notch, with Michael Ferguson and Shelley Thompson the standouts.”

– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

2012 Productions


“Fits the bill perfectly…for unabashed silliness!…British farce drive audiences to contagious non-stop laughter.”

“It’s almost impossible to keep up with the twisting, turning plot that shifts every few minutes as new complications emerge. There’s mistaken identities, wife-swapping, misunderstanding galore, and lots of hanky panky under the blanky.”

“Excellent comic timing essential for the success of this madcap farce…Directed with snappy precision.”

– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Same Time, Next Year

“Lovely because of this complex, enduring and healthy relationship that is sorely tested over the years”

“Same Time, Next Year beats its warm heart for a swift two hours, including a 20-minute intermission, and the night I saw it there was an immediate standing ovation at its bittersweet end.”

– Elissa Barnard, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

2011 Productions

Caught in the Net

“Laughs don’t let up…it’s the funniest play I’ve seen in years!”

“…is unapologetically silly and outright fun…It’s non-stop zaniness.”

“The precision with which the many exits and entrances from both apartments is accomplished on a single set is breathtaking, as is the comic timing.”

– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald


“Excellent performances by the quartet of highly skilled actors with superb timing…”

“Excellent one-liners and chuckles leave you smiling long after you leave Bauer Theatre.”

“The story rings with authenticity in this play by Norm Foster, Canada’s most-produced playwright. Their search for love and their emotional ups and downs are all familiar and touching, whatever the age of the person looking for love.”

– Andrea Nemetz, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald


“A gem…expect to laugh.”

“Resolves conflict in a beautiful ending, both visually & verbally poetic and poignant.”

“A polished production well poised to find its perfect groove.”

– Elissa Bernard, The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

What the Critics are Saying

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