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Kingfisher Days
By Susan Coyne

Directed by Mary Vingoe and starring  Francine Deschepper, Jennifer Roberts and Hugh Thompson.  This show runs from July 20 to August 26.

Whimsically beautiful and soulfully pensive

– Steven Berketo,

“Perhaps the best praise I can give Kingfisher Days is that it feels like the best of the moments it portrays: all too fleeting, but too purely sublime to not stay with you for a long time to come.”

-VUE Weekly, Edmonton

Francine Deschepper

Jennifer Roberts

Hugh Thompson

Step away from the busy world.

In this charming true story, Susan Coyne takes us back to the cottage her family visited each summer when she was a child. One summer, she finds a letter from a very proud Peruvian Fairy Princess. Her elderly neighbor, a retired school teacher, has the time to read the letters to young Susan, and act as a scribe between Susan and the Fairy. Humorous, nostalgic and filled with warmth, this play is a “feel good” selection.

Kingfisher Days is perfect for summer theatre. It is a beautiful and ethereal play that takes us back to a time before the busyness of our lives took hold. It reminds us to take time for our imaginations, for friends, and for nature. With its blend of comedy and heartache, Kingfisher Days will provide a meaningful experience for all audiences.

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