Stage Kiss
By Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Andrea Boyd and  starring Francine Deschepper, Sansom Marchand, Christian Murray, Jennifer Roberts, Hugh Thompson, Naomi Vogt and Jeremy Webb

“A gift and a rarity. A superb new romantic comedy that’s moving, smart, and flat-out hilarious. You will have difficulty breathing. Stage Kiss is that funny.”  

– New York Magazine


Francine Deschepper

Hugh Thompson

Jennifer Roberts

Sansom Marchand

Naomi Vogt

Christian Murray

Jeremy Webb

When good actors go bad …

“Art imitates Life. Life imitates Art. When two actors with a history are thrown together as romantic leads in a forgotten 1930’s melodrama, they quickly lose touch with reality as the story onstage follows them offstage. Stage Kiss captures Sarah Ruhl’s singular voice. It is a charming tale about what happens when lovers share a stage kiss – or when actors share a real one. The plays-within-the-play are where the craziness really begins, and reality and stage fantasy become one. This delightful romantic comedy looks at love from all angles, leading to a satisfying surprise ending.

Included in New York Magazine’s “The 9 Best Plays (and one best musical) of 2014” and “The New Yorker’s Best Theatre of the Year, 2011”.

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