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Burnin’ Love | by Sharon Bajer

Heart strings and wild rides… and Elvis.

1979, Edmonton. In a tacky bar called The Tikki Tikki Hut, an Elvis impersonator listens to the woes of his only customer, nurse Tina. It is her daughter Mary’s seventeenth birthday, but she is in a coma. Unbeknownst to them, Mary is trying desperately to come back, with help from the real Elvis – her spirit guide in limbo. A moving, surprising comedy with rockin’ music.

Directed by Andrea Boyd and featuring Gillian Clark, Henricus Gielis, Christian Murray and Laura Teasdale. This show runs from July 18 to August 25.

PLEASE NOTE: Burnin’ Love contains some sexual references and mild use of swearing. A fog machine is used briefly during the show.

Henricus Gielis

Gillian Clark

Christian Murray

Laura Teasdale

“…a definite crowd-pleaser, that brought an appreciative opening night audience (including an Elvis impersonator…) to their feet to say ‘thank you… thank you ver’ much.'”
– CBC Radio

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