Festival Antigonish is celebrating a 30-year legacy of high-quality, professional, and entertaining summer theatre. This is an incredible milestone and one that couldn’t happen without the generous support of our donors. Sustaining a theatre, especially in rural Nova Scotia, does not come without its fair share of challenges but you have helped us stay strong and we are excited to enter our milestone year with your support.
Your donation online or using this form will help ensure that we can open our doors to as many people as possible, sharing the joy and adventure of theatre with audiences of all ages through accessible ticket prices and flexible programming.

As a theatre-goer, you know that what you are really supporting when you walk into our theatre is not just the arts but in fact the health, vibrancy, and prosperity of our entire community. Festival Antigonish enriches the social and economic fabric of our region, and we are proud of the legacy we have built with your support over the years.

Please consider a milestone donation for our milestone year. All gifts make a difference and every dollar counts. You can also sign up for our easy and hassle-free monthly giving plan!

  • $30 would support lunch for volunteers.
  • $130 would cover a print advertisement.
  • $300 would support the printing of promotional materials.
  • $1030 would cover the cost of one full day of rehearsals.

The generous and heartwarming support of our donors has been instrumental in our past success, and we are counting on it to keep us strong into the future as well. Thank you for everything you do!

For more information, contact:
Reema Fuller, Managing Director or (902) 867-4539

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