A fast paced, laugh a minute mystery for the ages

July 3 – 20, 2024

Ms. Holmes & Ms. Watson – Apt. 2B by Kate Hamill

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An irreverent, darkly comic, modern take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous sleuth and sidekick, this fast-paced romp re-examines the world’s most famous detective story with a bold new feminist lens. In this highly theatrical, small-cast escapade, oddball female roommates Sherlock (yes, it’s also a girl’s name—wait, is it a girl’s name? Is it even a name?)

Holmes & Joan Watson join forces to emerge from pandemic fog as a deeply codependent, quasi-dysfunctional Odd Couple adventure duo—solving mysteries and kicking butts, until they come face to face with a villain who seems to have all of the answers.

Featuring Stephanie MacDonald, Alexis Milligan, Allister MacDonald and Sophie-Thérèse Stone-Richards

Directed by Andrea Boyd
Fight Directions by Karen Bassett
Assistant Director Kate Hope Basile
Stage Manager Sarah O’Brien
Set Design by Vickie Marston
Costume Design by Elizabeth Perry 
Lighting Design by Ingrid Risk
Sound Design by Paul Morgan Donald

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