By Andrea Boyd & Laura Teasdale

It’s the day of the famous archery competition, and Robin can’t resist the allure of the prize: A Golden Arrow. But can he outwit the Sheriff of Nottingham? This action-adventure romp combines broad humour with bold ideas and some surprising gender and cultural twists.

The original live production was held at Keppoch Mountain in August of 2021. Digital adaptations, now available free of charge, have been created in partnership with ACTRA, thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Episode One: Archery (Originally released November 17)
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Episode Two: Midge & Marian (Originally released November 24)
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Episode Three: Sheriff & Gisbourne (Originally released December 1)
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Episode Four: The Caged Robin (Originally released December 8)
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Episode Five: Training Drills (Originally released December 15)
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Episode Six: Tuck & Allana (Originally released December 22)
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Episode Seven: Execution (Finale) (Originally released December 29)
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Andrea Boyd


Elizabeth Perry

Costume Designer

Laura Stinson

Set & Prop Designer

Justin Gregg

Podcast Sound Design

James MacLean, Ashley Pettipas & Dan Bray

Photography & Promotional Images


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Our 2021 season was a massive undertaking and would not have been possible without the support of our many generous donors who had our backs as we attempted something brand new for our theatre. It is through support from fantastic organizations such as these that we are able to continue to bring live theatre to our community and strive for the biggest dreams.

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