season postponed until 2021

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postponed until 2021

Something Fishy | by Douglas E. Hughes & Marcia Kash

A cloak and dagger farce.

It’s election time, and local hero Raymond Bream is preparing a major announcement in his bid for Prime Minister. His political rival is sending henchmen to the town to prevent his speech – by any means necessary. The showdown happens at the local community centre, where an amateur theatre troupe is about to open The Vicar’s Knickers. As the world of politics encounters its natural cousin – the world of farce – everyone dons disguises and suddenly no one is who they appear to be.

Directed by Andrea Boyd and featuring Kevin Curran, Francine Deschepper, Josh MacDonald, James MacLean & Laura Teasdale. This show runs from August 2 to August 22.

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