Volunteering for Robin Hood: The Great Escape

Want to get involved with theatre this summer? We’ve got you covered! With more than half a dozen different roles, you can experience what behind the scenes of theatre creation involves. If you would like to participate, sign up with our online form at https://forms.gle/3ko45J4N6fEj166T9.

On April 15 we held an online information session for all interested volunteers. If you were unable to attend this information session, a copy of our slides from the evening can be found here: CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESIf you are unable to access these slides or would prefer a recording of the entire session, please contact festival@stfx.ca.

To learn more about current activities and events for all of our volunteer roles, read on below for opportunities to join in on the fun and experience theatre first hand! 


Community auditions will take place June 3 (6pm – 9pm) and June 5 (12pm – 4pm). If you would like to audition, please fill out our online sign up sheet at https://forms.gle/vT41VDnLnDvmBPkG6


Work with Set & Props Designer Laura Stinson. Assist with:
• Set construction and painting
• Prop sourcing and/or construction
• Puppet construction
• Set installation and set dressing at Keppoch
• Maintenance and repair as needed throughout the run

If you would like to participate in the Set & Props team, sign up for one of our many activities at volunteersignup.org/ERDQ9. Detailed description of the Set and Props sessions with dates and locations can be accessed be clicking here.


Interested in sewing, knitting,  or simply creating clothing through any method? Volunteer opportunities for “Robin Hood – Costume Building + Maintenance” are now open. Sign up at volunteersignup.org/Y7HRM

Volunteer opportunities for “Robin Hood – Dresser for performances” are now open. Sign up at volunteersignup.org/PF4FX

To view a list of all our volunteer opportunities with costumes, check out our fact sheet.


Works with Front of House Manager Tory Paddon
• Provide directional assistance to patrons
• Greeting and welcoming patrons
• Checking tickets
• Clean-up at scene locations between groups
• Water bottles, ticket stubs, programs
• Escorting patrons to the washrooms during performances as needed
• Assist with accessibility needs

An on-site training session for new and returning ushers will be arranged in late July/early August. Please ensure you are on our list by signing up at https://forms.gle/94Q2oQyTsAmH5vxG9 to ensure you receive the invitation to attend.


Work under the direction of Stage Manager Sarah O’Brien as well as with other SM team members to:
• Ensure safety of the actors at scene location
• Ensure performers get to and from various locations
• Coordinating start times of scenes with SM
• Coordinating audience travel times between locations
• Assist in any on-sight props and costume re-sets to replay scenes

More details on Stage Management Team Assistants will be posted in the coming weeks.


Work with Production Manager (PM), Ingrid Risk. Assist with:
• Prepping and moving equipment to Keppoch
• Site preparation
• Set installation and set up at Keppoch
• Set up of dressing room spaces, tents
• Strike and move to back to Bauer at end

More details on Production Assistants will be posted in the coming weeks.


Work with Ingrid Risk & Sarah O’Brien. Assist with:
• Regular set up and tear down for rehearsal/performances
• Crew needs during performances – runners, props resets, etc.

More details on Stage Crew will be posted in the coming weeks.

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